Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Omega

Who pays for my replacement vehicle?

The at fault Party’s insurance company will pay Omega Car rentals directly for the duration you have the hire vehicle. The person at fault must have a valid policy and liability confirmed from their insurer. This can be confirmed by one of our friendly staff with the insurance company that is at fault.

When do I get my replacement vehicle?

The replacement vehicle is provided within a couple of hours if your vehicle is undriveable or not roadworthy. We aim to deliver the best service at a speedy time that suits you, we deliver and pick up our vehicles Victoria wide. If your vehicle is driveable, once you have taken your vehicle to the repairer of your choice, we can deliver the vehicle to you or meet you at panel shop, to insure there is no inconvenience to you.We can deliver to your home, work or any place that suits you.

What sort of vehicle will I be driving?

We work on a like-for-like basis, this simply means we replace your damaged vehicle with the same or similar vehicle as yours being repaired or written off. Look at our fleet list to see a vehicle that suits your needs.

How long am I entitled to the replacement vehicle?

You are entitled to keep the replacement vehicle for the whole entire duration of the repairs to your vehicle or in the case your vehicle is a total loss, you can keep the replacement vehicle until your claim has been settled.

What if I have no insurance on my vehicle?

As long as the at fault party has insurance full comprehensive or third party insurance, you can hire a vehicle free of charge.

What do I do if the at fault insurance tells me I can't hire from Omega Car Rentals?

The insurance company might say that you can’t hire a vehicle or that Omega Car Rentals is going to charge you for the vehicle, which is false. On the delivery of our vehicles we provide you with a clearance letter from our company that is a legal binding document which stipulates you will not be charged for the hire, for peace of mind.

Do I have any restrictions on kilometres whilst I drive an Omega Car Rentals vehicle?

No, we have no restrictions, drive all the kilometres you like just as if it was your own vehicle.

Can there be an additional driver to the vehicle?

Yes. An additional driver can be added onto the rental at no extra charge.

What if I am in between the age of 18-25 years old?

We hire to all ages. If the accident isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be without a vehicle.

What if I have an accident in the replacement vehicle?

Like any accident, get the other parties details and call Omega Car Rentals immediately.